Breaks and Break Rounds

Creating Break Categories

Each tournament may have a single or multiple break categories that group a particular series of out-rounds such as an “Open” or “ESL” break.

At the moment new break rounds must be added through the edit data interface (available in the Setup section once in a tournament). Once there go to Break Qualification > break categories and click Add break category. The fields required for each category should be relatively self-explanatory.

Setting Break Eligibility

Once a break category has been created it will not have any teams eligible for it, even if it was marked as “Is general”. To edit the eligibility of teams for any break round go to the Breaks item in the left-hand menu for a particular tournament and then click Edit Eligiblity.

Here you can select “all” or “none” to toggle all team eligiblities or edit them using the tick boxes. Once you save it should return you to the main break page which will display the number of teams marked eligible.


Adjudicators can be marked as “breaking” on the Feedback page; clicking Adjudicators on the breaks page will take you straight there.

Determining a Break

Unlike team or speaker standings, each category’s break ranks are not determined automatically and updated continuously. Instead each can be calculated (and re-calculated) as desired.

To do so go to the Breaks item in the left-hand menu and then click the white button that corresponds to the break category you’d like to determine the rankings for. When prompted, select Generate the break for all categories to display the list of breaking teams.

From this page you can update the breaking teams list for this break category (or all categories) as well as view and edit ‘remarks’ that account for cases in which a team may not break (such as being capped or losing a coin toss).

Creating Draws for Break Rounds