Change Log


  • Fixed a minor bug with the visual importer affecting similarly named Institutions
  • Minor docs edits


Redesigned and redeveloped adjudicator allocation page
  • Redesigned interface, featuring clearer displays of conflict and diversity information
  • Changes to importances and panels are now automatically saved
  • Added debate “liveness” to help identify critical rooms—many thanks to Thevesh Theva
  • Panel score calculations performed live to show strength of voting majorities
New features
  • Added record pages for teams and adjudicators
  • Added a diversity tab to display demographic information about participants and scoring
Significant general improvements
  • Shifted most table rendering to Vue.js to improve performance and design
  • Drastically reduced number of SQL queries in large tables, e.g. draw, results, tab
Break round management
  • Completed support for break round draws
  • Simplified procedure for adding remarks to teams and updating break
  • Reworked break generation code to be class-based, to improve future extensibility
  • Added support for break qualification rules: AIDA Australs, AIDA Easters, WADL
  • Changed Boolean fields in AdjudicatorFeedbackQuestion to reflect what they actually do
  • Changed “panellist feedback enabled” option to “feedback paths”, a choice of three options
  • Dropped “/t/” from tournament URLs and moved “/admin/” to “/database/”, with 301 redirects
  • Added basic code linting to the continuous integration tests
  • Many other small bug fixes, refactors, optimisations, and documentation updates


  • Added a beta implementation of the break rounds workflow
  • Added venue constraints, to allow participants or divisions to preferentially be given venues from predefined groups
  • Added a button to regenerate draws
  • Refactored speaker standings implementation to match team standings implementation
  • New standings metrics, draw methods, and interface settings for running small tournaments and division-based tournaments
  • Improved support for multiple tournaments
  • Improved user-facing error messages in some scenarios
  • Most frontend dependencies now handled by Bower
  • Static file compilation now handled by Gulp
  • Various bug fixes, optimisations, and documentation edits


  • Restored and reworking printing functionality for scoresheets/feedback
  • Restored Edit Venues and Edit Matchups on the draw pages
  • Reworked tournament data importers to use csv.DictReader, so that column order in files doesn’t matter
  • Improved dashboard and feedback graphs
  • Add separate pro speakers tab
  • Various bug fixes, optimisations, and documentation edits


  • Fixed issue where scores from individual ballots would be deleted when any other panel in the round was edited
  • Fixed issue where page crashes for URLs with “tab” in it but that aren’t recognized tab pages


  • Fixed a bug where editing a Team in the admin section could cause an error
  • Added instructions on how to account for speakers speaking twice to docs
  • Venues Importer wont show VenueGroup import info unless that option is enabled


  • Upgraded to Python 3.4, dropped support for Python 2
  • Restructured directories and, as a consequence, changed database schema
  • Added Django migrations to the release (they were previously generated by the user)
  • Migrated documentation to Read The Docs
  • New user interface design and workflow
  • Overhauled tournament preferences to use django-dynamic-preferences
  • Added new visual data importer
  • Improved flexibility of team standings rules
  • Moved data utility scripts to Django management commands
  • Changed emoji to Unicode characters
  • Various other fixes and refinements