Finishing a Tournament

This page outlines some final steps to take after the conclusion of outrounds.

Tab Release

Tabs can be released using the Tab released option under Setup > Configuration. Tabbycat offers the following system tabs:

  • Team Tab

  • Speakers Tab

  • Replies Tab

  • Motions Tab

You can configure the team, speakers and replies tab to display only a certain number of speakers, e.g., to show only a « Top 10 Speakers » tab.

If you defined any speaker categories (for example, Novice, ESL or EFL), a tab for each category marked « public » can also be released using the Release speaker category tabs to public. You can similarly limit each of these tabs to display just the top few speakers, in the definition of the speaker categories. The speaker categories not marked public are not released by this option.

You can also redact individual speaker’s identifying details (name, team, and institution) from the public individual tabs. You can do so by going into the Edit Database area, going to Participants > Speakers, finding the speaker and clicking the Anonymous box (and saving).


Public tab pages are cached for performance reasons. This means that any changes that affect a tab page (say redacting a speaker or changing a speaker score) may not show up on the public site for up to an hour.

Wrapping Up

You probably want to turn off the Public ballots, Public feedback, Feedback progress, and Public draw features under Configuration at this stage as they no longer have any use.

You also want to go into the Edit Database area, find the tournament and hit « release all » so that the results for the final round can be released.