Printing Ballots and Feedback

Tabbycat offers the ability to print scoresheets and feedback sheets on a per-round basis. This means that each scoresheet is customised to match the draw, and so will display:

  • The motion or possible motions that could have been chosen from

  • The teams, and a list of speakers for each team

  • The name of the room, and name of the adjudicators present

Feedback sheets will also be customised in this manner; displaying:

  • A ‘from’ source. Sheet will be printed for each possible piece of feedback in that room: ie adjudicators will each get a sheet for their panellists and trainees while teams and panellists will get sheets for the chair.

  • The specific questions you established when configuring the adjudicator feedback questions

  • The name of the room

To print the ballots for each round, you would go to the Display page for that round, the click one of the two relevant print links. This opens a new window. In each window, you then use your browser’s print function (CTRL-P). In the resulting print interface (from your browser) you’ll want to turn background graphics on, header/footers off, and set the layout to portrait (feedback sheets) or landscape (score sheets).

Typically you’d save these to PDF for printing, although you should be able to print straight from this dialogue box.


Printing works best in Safari and Firefox; use those if possible.